• You Are Awesome.

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You Are Awesome.

You Are Beautiful.

You Are Loved.

You Are Enough.

Why choose hand-made?

Be A Rainbow.


Learning to Love Myself.

I am an incest survivor. My childhood was interesting to say the least, filled with both amazingly happy and horrific experiences. I learned many valuable lessons, but loving myself was not one of them. It pains me to say that my experiences as a child are not uncommon and many families which seem "normal" have secrets. There are so many children who are not taught what it means to love themselves unconditionally. I am not placing blame on anyone, not even my parents. Every individual does the best they can in the moment with what they are given and what they know.                                

Now, sixteen years after the abuse has ended, after an eleven year stint with drug abuse, overeating, anxiety, depression, a suicide attempt, countless hours of therapy, yoga and self-help books, I am ready to share my story. As I grow, continue to re-integrate and re-learn how to unconditionally love myself I hope to inspire and help people who have experienced similar traumas.

With Jo Andersson Designs I want to provide tools which help to promote beauty, positive change and unconditional self-love within the individual. Each Jo Andersson Designs product is hand-made with LOVE  and serve as a reminder of how awesome, beautiful, loved and total amazing badasses we all are. <3